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Ürün Destek


Advancity was founded in 1999, in İstanbul by two university student entrepreneurs as a web design and solutions provider. With the innovative approaches used, the company quickly gained acknowledgement of companies abroad, and started accepting jobs from overseas.

Classifying and improving the web business under the name the Internet Strategies Consultancy, Advancity felt it was ready to progress even further, and founded an application development department. The company mainly concentrated on web based application, and while developing solutions requested by customers the company also started R&D for proprietary products. Advancity reached success in application development as well, by providing modular and innovative solutions which can be easily integrated into customers' business models. Advancity, while still providing generic solutions, decided to specialize in some areas, and is currently well known in Turkey for Content Management Systems and E-Learning Services.

At the beginning Advancity set its mission as creating innovative solutions by using the latest design and IT Technologies, and presenting these to the customer. Advancity is still going after this goal with a much bigger client base, wider range of services and more employees.

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