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Sharable Content Object Reference Model.Intracity is an innovative management system designed for companies.

The system works with integrated modules and offers advanced efficiency, control and management features to users with defined rights.

The modular design allows a high level of customization options and virtually unlimited development opportunities.

Here are some of the modules and features:

Company Module: This modules provides the company with the information about the companies or persons they have a relation with. Users may have read only or read/write access to this module. The features of this module are:

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Project Module: This module includes the information about the projects handled by the company. Projects are created by users with the access rights and they are accessible by users defined by the project creator. The module has these features:

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Financial Tables Module: This module includes the financial information about projects. These can be accessed by users assigned by the system adminstrator.

Standard Toos Module: This module includes extra modules for standard use.

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Messaging Module: Allows in-site messaging and communication.

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Apart from these, any number of modules can be developed and easily integrated to the system. Apart from the standard modules, the most commonly used ones are Fleet and Meeting Room management and Expense Forms management.

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