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Intranet and Extranet applications are systems which allow people related to the company to access necessary information, documents and applications quickly and securely.

Intranet applications are generally open to employees and has geographical limitations. They can be classified as "private internet for the company".

Extranet applications are open to customers, vendors, partners, and other selected 3rd parties in addition to employees.

Intranet and Extranet offer the companies increase in productivity, colloboration opportunities, extended communications, accesibility, and increased management opportunities.



E-business is transfering some of the operations of the company to online environment to be able to work quickly and more efficiently.

E-Commerce is the on the frontline of this concept. E-Commerce allows the companies to sell their products and services online, and a company with a valid business model gains advantages over the competition, while the competitors struggle.

E-business is more than E-commerce. It allows customer services, stock controls, supply chain management, marketing and other functions of the company to be handled electronically, online. To be able to implement E-business functions efficiently, services of experienced consultants, such as Advancity, is crucial.


Web Based Applications/Projects

Web based applications and projects are quickly replacing the desktop applications.

The main advantage of the web based projects it that they are accessible to users through readily accessible web browsers, available in all connected computers.

From education to finance, entertainment to office products, web based projects are becoming a part of the user's computer experience. The prospect of the user being only a few clicks away from the desired products or services, make web based applications an important part of E-Business.

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