Distance Education Software Solutions

Our academic software solutions.

We believe in education and provide solutions for better education. Advancity focuses on academic software and develops its own solutions in collaboration with educational institutions for academic needs.

100% Domestic, National Software

Why choose Advancity solutions?

Advancity develops the academic institutions' software, with the projects it conducts with them. In this way, you can also orient our products. Support is provided late into the night by our staff who know the software. Besides, all our software is domestic and national.

In accordance with the Council of Higher Education regulations.

It provides an educational environment in accordance with the Council of Higher Education's virtual classroom regulations.


Offers all the reports you need.


Integrates with education systems.

Installation is not required.

You can easily use it via your browser installed on the computer or mobile device.

Leader in Academic Software Solutions

Today, with all its products, Advancity is the leader by landslide in the market as the mostly preferred institution by universities using distance education solutions.

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